How to create a standard NFT/GAME (testnet) token


Would you like to create NFT or GAME token on the BusyXChain? We have made the creation easy and straightforward. The whole process can be performed via our BusyXChain Desktop Wallet (check the installation here).  ATTENTION!!! The wallet is connected to the BusyXChain Testnet! Do not send any real funds to the BusyXChain address! This version […] Read more

How to create a standard X20 (testnet) token


Would you like to create an X20 token (exact specification for ERC-20 token) on the BusyXChain? We have made the creation easy and straightforward. The whole process can be performed via our BusyXChain Desktop Wallet (check the installation here). ATTENTION!!! The wallet is connected to the BusyXChain Testnet! Do not send any real funds to […] Read more

How to generate Testnet API key via Explorer?


The process of securing the API is explained in the API documentation. Generally: BusyXChain API functions are protected by the JWT token. Another API function generates the JWT token (see more in the API documentation, section 1.1. Generate auth token). For anyone to call the function to generate the JWT token, apikey must be passed […] Read more

How can I see BusyXChain blocks and transactions?


Visit to see all data that runs on BusyXChain including blocks, transactions, wallets, staking, and tokens. Read more

How to connect to BusyXChain Testnet API?


API documentation Full documentation of BusyXChain Testnet API is available on: Security All API requests require to pass the JWT token in the request’s headers field named authorization. The JWT token generation explanation is in the 1. Authentication API section. Specifically, function 1.1. Generate auth token generates the JWT token and returns it as […] Read more

Why should even a small coffee house consider using blockchain?


Blockchain offers many utilities, from payments and supply chains to smart contracts. Almost every business uses some form of electronic payment, from internet banking to VISA card payment terminals to coupons for your next purchase. Often with some kind of discount or rewards program for loyal customers. In most cases, these businesses are financed by […] Read more

BusyXChain L1+: If there was no river, there would be no need to build a bridge!


The current state of the blockchain industry is spread across multiple Layer 1 blockchains, with even more custom-built layer 2 applications and bridges. Initially, this was an ideal solution to connect multiple L1 blockchains or layers. Recently, it became obvious that bridges are only temporary solutions. No leading blockchains are used by large-scale or global […] Read more

Will corporations ever adopt blockchain technology?


Short answer: YES, they already do.   The long answer: YES, but with public blockchains, in particular, they will do so cautiously and with an experimental mindset. In most cases, corporations will consider adopting blockchain technology for internal processes.   Even though corporations are open to using blockchain technology they are reluctant to use public blockchains. Why? […] Read more

Overview of BusyXChain Desktop Wallet With Token Creator


🌈Imagine a world where entrepreneurs create their own #token to empower their businesses 🔭 🤩Too good to be true? 🎯Not anymore! With #BusyXChain #TokenCreator, built in to our desktop #wallet, everyone can start their #blockchain journey with a few clicks. Read more

Where can I find detailed product description? Whitepaper


🤩We are proud to announce the BusyXChain whitepaper release. Now you can read through all the details and technicals of the BusyXChain blockchain network solution here: Read more

Introducing BusyXChain


The Next Generation Layer-1 Blockchain A highly-secured layer-1 network empowers a decentralized ecosystem of projects built on the BusyXChain blockchain. BusyXChain is a cutting-edge, ready-to-use blockchain network with unique properties, combining the advantages of public, hybrid and private blockchains into a multilayer ”L1”. BusyXChain is a solution that connects multiple projects in one layer (L1) […] Read more

API – Transaction statuses


BusyXChain is built on the Hyperledger Fabric framework so transaction statuses are tethered with the core functions. These statuses are handled on the Explorer to show the status of the particular transaction. There are a total of three statuses so far: Read more

BusyXChain is audited


We are delighted to release the #BusyXChain audit report by @CyStackSecurity. Two minor issues were found, and a few recommendations. Both issues and all suggestions were successfully implemented. The BusyXChain solution was re-evaluated with NO ISSUES 🥳 See the full report here: Read more

Where to find API documentation?


You can find BusyXChain API documentation on this link: Read more